About Us




What is COTM?


Nurturing and Equipping  COTM (Community on the Mount) is a nurturing and equipping ministry led by a group of passionate Christians that dedicate their time in discipling young adults. We are dedicated to build a community of Christ-loving Christians who are committed to live out their faith in this crooked and needy world. Using a variety of resources and training methods, we offer spiritual guidance and support to young Christian adults.


What we Believe?


COTM is founded on the bible story of Matthew 17:1-9, where Jesus invited a few of His disciples to a high mountain. Jesus transfigured Himself. Peter enjoyed the environment and wanted to stay. But Jesus wanted them to go down the mountain and be His witness to the community after His death and resurrection.




What is our Mission?


Strengthening Young Adult Christians: Relieve, Rely, Renew

Our mission is to strengthen young Christian adults by nurturing and mentoring their spiritual growth to live out their faith. Everyone that comes to COTM can relieve their burdens, be encouraged to rely on God and be renewed by the Holy Spirit. As a result, they are equipped and inspired to bring positive impact to the church and the secular world.


What is our Focus?


Nurture for Mission Our vision is to nurture young Christian adults to live out their calling from Jesus in different life stages.

What is our Vision?


Our Mission Statement To nurture and equip young people to live out the Christian faith in this crooked and needy world.