Day 87 – Job 7:11

“I cannot keep from speaking. I must express my anguish. My bitter soul must complain. (Job 7:11 – New Living Translation)

One thing that I truly need to learn is to unload all my feelings and emotions and not to suppress them.  If I truly believe God is a loving, understanding, and forgiving God, why would I be scared to unload my anger, frustration, bitterness and other negative emotions in front of Him.  I should not be complaining and whining all the time, but I should be authentic with God and ask God for the strength and power to deal with my emotions properly.  Suppressing my emotions brings no good to others and myself.  It contributes nothing to relationships.  In fact, it creates greater and greater burdens in relationships.  I should not be artificial in any kind of relationships.  I need to be honest to God, to other people and also to myself.

Do you find yourself having a hard time releasing your frustrations and unloading your emotions to God and others? What difference, if any, is there in releasing your true self to God and others?




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