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[ 舒展瑜珈班 ] < Stretching Yoga Class >
Holistic Summer Camp 2017
Mountain Community Church
Dai Joe


[太極班] < Tai Chi Class >

內容 (Content): 透過練習太極,提升機能靈活性和改善平衡力,活化腦袋,並可調整心態和姿態,對預防疾病和身心健康皆有幫助 To enhance movement flexibility, improve mental and physical well-being, and health through practicing Tai Chi. 教授: ...

[ 舒展瑜珈班 ] < Stretching Yoga Class >

內容 (Content): 透過瑜珈招式練習,提升身體柔軟度和平衡力,並能舒緩肩膀和背痛 To build muscle strength, improve flexibility and relieve pain through practicing yoga poses 日期 (Date): 3/2 – 5/11  (十堂/10 ...

San Francisco Retreat 2017

Hi brothers and sisters, This is COTM retreat for 2017. Theme is "Be F.A.T." (Faithful, Available, Teachable). More details in the form linked below. Early bird discount ends at 2/15/2017, if you are interested to go, pleases fill out the registration form. Also, free feel to share to anyone you ...

Christmas Celebration

Mountain Community Church's Christmas celebration at 11:15 am. Lunch is $5. Invite a friend and sign up by contacting us here. RSVP by December ...